V-PRO is fast becoming an essential veterinary tool, providing a practical solution to equine health monitoring & reducing pressures on human resources in the equine clinic setting. 

All patient data is held within your organisation account – simply scan the horse microchip with the V-PRO device and place it in the smart harness. Each patient can be assigned to an individual veterinarian or be monitored by the team. V-PRO enables detailed equine oversight to be delivered anywhere, day or night.

Equine Clinic

Within Equine hospitals and clinics V-Pro can provide continuous monitoring of vital signs 24 x 7 providing better insights into patient health and recovery. The app is designed to support the way your practice works – with adjustable monitoring thresholds, customisable alerts and flexible monitoring protocols.

  • In-built chip scanning to ID each horse quickly and easily.
  • Realtime ICU monitoring – spot changes in vitals or behavior as they happen.
  • Conduct full ECG both at the touch of a button – at rest ECG exercise ECG.
  • Remote access via the app reduces the requirement for out of hours clinic staff.
  • Alerts can be delivered to across the clinic or to specific vets.
  • Evaluate cardiac and behavioral anomalies in pre-purchase or fitness examinations – box walking etc.

ECG Features

The embedded ECG electrodes facilitate cardiac investigation at the touch of a button. Collection of ECG data can be initiated through the app and run for a period of 24 hours without interruption.

  • Fully wireless solution with remote streaming to the cloud.
  • Conduct ECG analysis anywhere, in-clinic or on the farm.
  • 24 hour ECG, Live ECG & Exercise ECG.
  • Heart Rate variability analysis software built-in.
  • Gain better insights into the causes of anomalies and poor performance.

Ambulatory Veterinarians

The V-Pro system enables vets to provide intensive monitoring beyond the hospital environment for the first time. This ‘out-patient’ service can prevent unnecessary trips to the hospital and enable greater levels of care to be extended to horses on the farm.

Quick ECG can be captured on-site and analysed to assess whether treatment is necessary. Horses at risk of colic can be monitored closely from anywhere.

  • Plug and play. Monitor horse health from anywhere – better insights delivered remotely.
  • Remote motion and vital sign analysis performed on an out-patient basis.
  • Extend the level of veterinary service you can offer.
  • Monitoring data can be shared with the owner/carer via the guest app if required.

Monitor horse vitals and cardiac health in real-time from anywhere.

Real-time biometric data monitoring in the palm of your hand

Supported Platforms

The app is available for both Apple iOS and Android platforms