Imagine a tool that can help you spot the silent signs of colic right at the very beginning?? Before the horse has spent several hours rolling, potentially exacerbating the problem. Early Intervention in Colic Care – Using Biometric Data & Monitoring technology to help you reach Colic cases earlier, or certainly help an owner to get the horse to you earlier. 

We all know that not all cases of Colic are the same – some horses never display the classic signs we all look for – rolling/pawing the ground, box walking. Some may only present with an elevated temperature, possibly some sweat and an elevated heart & respiratory rate . These are key identifiers of colic which can be missed on camera, or even in person. 

Even in the most prestigious of facilities, with hourly care and 24hour CCTV – the signs & symptoms of colic can be missed – allowing the condition to progress and eliminating chance of early intervention which has the potential to save lives. Based on information from the National Animal Health Monitoring System (NAHMS) survey, for every 100 horses, there will be 4.2 colic events every year. 1.2 percent of these events will be surgical, and 11 percent will be fatal.  The objective of a conscientious horse owner is to find ways to prevent colic so your horse doesn’t become one of these statistics, while also understanding how to appropriately manage colic if it does occur. 

Equimetrics have now developed a Smart Wearable for horses in the design of a harness, which is easily and comfortably worn by the horse under their rug. Through a network of sensors the device monitors key measurables and vital signs.  

The Equimetrics Harness monitors: 

  • Heart Rate 
  • Respiratory Rate 
  • Temperature 
  • Sweat 
  • Movement 
  • Capable of ECG readings 

The significance of the Equimetrics unit – is that – it provides Push alerts & notifications to you through the Equimetrics App – which is suitable for download on your phone, tablet and indeed desktop. Alerting you to the silent symptoms of colic, such as increased heart & respiratory rate whilst also alerting you to changes in behavior such as excessive walking, rolling & sweating. All ket identifiers of colic -= which you might not know about unless you have 24 hour access to your horse. 

Equimetrics gives you the ability to always have one eye on your horse – through the power of Smart Technology & Remote monitoring. 

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