Like a virtual member of your team, Equimetrics V-PRO offers clinics the capacity to have 24/7 vital sign monitoring on every horse in their care -at all times. This operates seamlessly via Wifi/LoRA network to their phone, tablet or office desktop. It is a fast, easy to use solution to support clinicians in their day to day care & comfortable for the horse to wear.

The Equimetrics Smart harness, is a fully integrated solution, housing our smart electrodes, sensors & electronic components to safely monitor the horse in the clinic stable, paddock & in transport.

The device is comfortable to wear, incorporating a multitude of stretch & breathable technical fabrics to ensure the horse is comfortable, can’t be rubbed and can comfortably be worn under blankets/rugs. 

The possibility to reduce demands on in-house staff is an attractive tool to any clinic – ensuring no scheduled vital sign check is ever missed again. The massive leap in innovation which Equimetrics have achieved is the ability to send push alerts & notifications to your clinical staff, if any horse’s biometric data goes out of normal parameters, such as an elevated heart rate or temperature. Combined with excessive movement/box walking which V-PRO will also identify – any equine professional knows this horse will need a physical exam. This alert – will be sent to your staff no matter where they are located – in the hospital – or gone on an emergent call to a local farm. This technology reduces a basic, but time-consuming demand on staff and provides the possibility for early intervention care.

The added benefit of built in ECG monitoring, also allows you to monitor post operative recovery, but also fully investigate poor performance or help conduct complete cardio assessment for your internal medicine specialists. Equimetrics V-PRO can conduct ECG for up to 24 hours with its harness wearable, and exercise ECG with its fully integrated ECG saddle pad.

Allowing staff to focus on enhanced patient care with the introduction of technology is a positive step in the transition of introducing wearable technology to the Equestrian community.

Ideal in Clinic Use for:

– Post Operative Care

– Critical illness monitoring eg Sycamore Poisoning

– Rehabilitation monitoring

– Fitness recovery

– Poor Performance assessment – full cardiac capacity